Skydew Energy Services (SES) Ltd is expert in Radiography Testing (RT) using the conventional film radiography or the Digital Radiography Testing (DRT) technology to inspect the internal structure of assets in the oil and gas, power generation, aerospace, etc.

Convectional radiography requires use of radiographic film to capture images through the use of x-ray or gamma ray.

The digital radiography testing requires the use of either special phosphor screens for Computed Radiography (CRT) or flat panels containing micro-electronic sensors for Direct Digital Radiography (DDR) to capture images.


At Skydew Energy Services (SES) Ltd is we uses the new age technology to carry out radiography testing with our team of qualified, certified and experienced radiographers who operates within strict safety parameters to produce high quality radiographs which is interpreted to determine anomaly in line with international standards.


Our DRT is suitable for Weld inspection, profile radiography, Identification of corrosion and erosion, Detection and measurement of corrosion scabs, Detection and assessment of blockages in pipes, Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI), Valve operational issues, Blockages in pipes, Pipe and tube quality inspections.