Instrumentation and Control

We provide instrumentation and control services related to the extractive, construction, and marine industries. We help you maintain desired results by engaging equipment for proper measurement and control.
We also have expertise in the usage of a wide variety of process controls, field measurement and analysis instrumentation, systems and software which are specific for industrial process control and factory automation. Some of our instrumentation and control services include but are not limited to:
  • Installation and Commissioning of Equipment/Instruments
  • Calibration Services (PSV, Gas testers, flow meters, Field Instruments, etc.)
  • Metering and Custody Transfer
  • Tank Gauging and Depot Automation
  • Repair and refurbishment of Valves
  • Design and Interpretation of Instrumentation Drawings
  • Preparation of Process Flow Diagrams
  • Technical Support

Valve Maintenance and Calibration

Skydew Energy Services Ltd (SES) is committed to providing our client with a one-stop valve maintenance and repair services, that helps clean the inner mechanism and replacement of worn-out parts.
With a collective hands-on experience, our Valve Engineers carry out Overhaul, Pressure Test and Calibration of Pipeline Valves, Wellhead and Safety Valves to approved industry standards.
Our trained team of competent and resourceful engineers can ably repair and maintain valves onsite, reducing the cost of off-site refurbishments.

Our Valve Services Includes:
  • Safety Relief Valve Testing overhaul and calibration. Control valve & Actuator servicing overhaul, testing and calibration.
  • Complete overhaul & testing of Gate / Globe / Check / Ball Needle / Butterfly/ Diaphragm / Plug / Non-Return valves / Pressure Reducing valves and Knife–edge Gate valves.
  • Overhaul of Positioners. Mobile workshop facilities
  • Call out repairs Planned Periodic Maintenance. Shut down Maintenance, Inspections, Surveys