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Skydew Energy Services Ltd provides an array of Drill Pipe/OCTG Inspection Services that conform to customers’/manufacturer’s recommendation and requirements. We have trained technical manpower that is capable and qualified to perform such inspection services.

To assure the quality of drill pipe and equipment, we provide such inspection services like;
  • Vendor inspection: Visual inspection of piping external and internal surface for straightness check and possible noticeable damages, such as dents, mashes corrosions/pits etc.
  • Visual Thread Inspection: Pipes are visually evaluated for any damages, dents, corrosion, or mechanical damages. Thread profile gauges are used to estimate the visual gaps at any of the flanks or thread roots.
  • OD Gauge (Full length): Full-length mechanical measurement of outside diameter is performed for identification of external wear, dents, mashes, slip area and stress-induced diameter variations.
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI): Pipes are magnetized with DC magnetizing coil with longitudinal magnetization with for detection of transverse cracks.
  • Electromagnetic Inspection (EMI): Full body EMI inspection is used to detect transverse defects.