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The demand for Project Managers is on the increase. According to a projection done by the Project Management Institute (PMI),There would be over 22 million job demand for Project Managers in 2027. Would you rather be stuck on the sideline watching or you would love to be at the center of that demand, earning?

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Skydew Energy Services Limited is an Engineering Servicing and Consultancy firm with a team with 10+ years wealth of experience in the Nondestructive testing, Safety, Projects Management and Professional Trainings industry. Our team of seasoned professionals would give you a hand in hand walkthrough of what project management entails and how it relates to today’s workplace. Skydew Energy Services Limited is an Authorized Training Partner for the Project Management Institute (PMI). We offer a wide range of Professional trainings and we look forward to guiding you to your Project Management Certification.
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Be More and Do More!

While contentment is a very beautiful trait, there’s nothing wrong with being ambitious, not accepting to settle for less, and demanding more out of life. This is how you can self-actualize. The standards of life are always changing, the demands are always increasing, the systems are ever-evolving, and for you to get the best out of life, you must also evolve. You must Be more and Do more. This philosophy is the same for a lot of processes and systems; For you to climb up your career ladder, you must Be More and Do More! For you to increase your sources of income, you must Be More and Do More! For you to achieve self-actualization, you must choose to Be More and Do More. There is always the demand for MORE. Do not settle for less anymore!

What others are saying

Yakubu Praise

Working on different projects with different at almost the same time, can be so exhausting and tasking, but Project Management has made it easier to interface with different teams and work on multiple projects simultaneously.

Victor Eneyo

As a Quality, Health and Safety Consultant, project management has helped me develop, execute and monitor the implementation of Health and safety policies that fosters Employee and staff safety culture in the workplace.