Skydew Energy Services ltd believes in giving back to the community as part of our corporate social responsibility.

Supporting Local Businesses

While carrying out our operations, we outsource some aspects to local businesses within our host community.

This helps support and grow the local community in our own little way. We believe little acts like this, if embraced by every major stakeholder within the various sectors would help improve the life of the average member of our respective communities.

 Sponsoring, Awareness & Sensitization Campaigns

We occasionally organize sensitization campaigns within our host community. This goes a long way to keep the community safe and well-informed.

We hope to do this more often and on a larger scale in the coming years, as we grow and enjoy the continued support of the community.

Going Green-keeping the environment safe

A healthy environment creates an avenue for an optimized working space and better service delivery.

While carrying out our normal operations, we do our bit to keep the environment safe by embracing green and energy-saving technology.

We also endorse community neatness as shown in our working policies