TRAINING REQUIREMENTS: Aerial lifts are useful for many applications, being found in warehouse settings or a construction site. Like other powered industrial trucks, training is vital to keep operators and product safe. Training is the responsibility of the employer and must: Be provided by the employer prior to operation at the job site Instruct operators about unsafe conditions & the elimination of hazards in the work area Give general instructions regarding the inspection, application and operation of the aerial equipment Be refreshed every 4 years

Benefits of Engaging Yourself in a Detailed Aerial Lift Training

1. What specific workplace safety benefits might you realize with aerial lift training? 2. Improved practice sessions targeted at direct responses to risk 3. Reduction in the count of on-site accidents through emergency response training 4. Engenders high-risk operation and minimizes the chances of fatal injury 5. Ensure workers comply with laid-down ANSI and OSHA standards As you can see, aerial lift training is a worthy investment for workplace safety – and not an expensive one, as it will pay off in multiples.
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